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If you can get on the internet, Fivestar IT can perform most computer support issues without a physical service visit remotely. Using our remote support system, we can share and control your computer screen while chatting with you through our built-in chat interface or by telephone. We can do everything you need done, such as virus removal, spyware removal, and adware removal and even preventative maintenance, or even training while you watch from directly in front of your computer! We can support any Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and even a Windows Mobile system instantly. Its quick, fully secure, and only allows access to your machine by our technicians for the duration of the session.

Unlike an actual service visit, you can get help without the wait, help save the environment by conserving a technicians gas and emissions, and save a few bucks yourself as our remote rates are lower than on-site rates.

Click Here to access the Fivestar Support Portal for remote help after scheduling a remote visit.

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What is Remote Support and how can it help me?

Remote computer support services can be performed on any machine anywhere in the world as long as it can connect to the internet. Fivestar IT's technology allows us to "meet" at our web support portal, where a small file is sent to your computer allowing us to share your screen, or allowing us to share our screen with you. It goes through firewalls and most security settings making it a breeze for us to start working quickly on what you need.

We can send you files, optimize your system, remove viruses, teach you how to use anything on your machine and much more while you watch. This method actually works better than having someone there in person because you are sitting directly in front of the monitor getting the best view possible of what is going on.

With our remote support services, we can even allow you to download a flash video transcript of the session which you can review at your leisure which makes it an ideal solution for lessons.

Because of the fact that we can save gas, and driving time, we can offer a better rate for the same services we would provide in person. And with remote support services for your home from Fivestar IT, if you need to run out and do errands while we work on your computer, you don't have to leave anyone in your house! We also can bill for remote support services in 15 minute increments, instead of our usual one hour on-site minimum.

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