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Are you a small or mid-size business in the Los Angeles area who struggles with getting consistent, reliable IT support and related services? Are you interested in reducing your IT budget while taking back control of your technology? Does your current IT person or provider have you backed into a corner by keeping what is happening in your own company a secret? Is your business at risk of loss from downtime or new Cyber Threats even though you have a daily backup system in place?

We can solve any one or all of these problems.

"I have owned and been a major part of several small to large companies and understand business. I bring that business expertise to the technology world and can help any business improve their current technology situations or fix any computer or network issues. I can audit your current IT services and make sure you have the roadmap to what is driving your business, so it's back in your hands and not in someone else's. I can help you have on-site and off-site bootable images of your key systems so if your building crashed down to the ground tomorrow, you could flip a switch and boot your entire business from the web keeping you up and running, I can help you take advantage of the latest tech most IT guys are not implementing for you. It is my goal to help anyone that might need it from the smallest computer problem, to converting an entire company from an outdated way of doing business with older technologies to the latest tech."

For a limited time, all first-time customers will get 50% off their first visit (please mention this when contacting us).  Contact us at (888) 932-6638 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Ron Farber

CEO Fivestar Information Technologies

Feel free to call me anytime on my personal mobile phone. That's the kind of service I guarantee to all of my clients.

(626) 755-1515


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